Use Bamboo Flooring, Exotic and Environmentally Friendly

Exotic and friendly environment. That’s the thing that obtained by using bamboo as a material for the floor at home. Typical texture of bamboo to make floor becomes unique. Color choices were varied to match other interior colors  and bamboo of flooringit is always fresh. In addition, the installation of bamboo flooring is similar to the installation of flooring materials that are commonly used, such as wood. The cost is also relatively affordable and do not need any special treatment.

Bamboo can survive within four to six years. Bamboo is more resistant damp because the pores shut. Termites are also less like bamboo. In addition, bamboo flooring harder than most wood. Hardness can resist pressures up to 2 tons. Maintenance is not much different from the floor in general. Only, from the bamboo flooring should be swept using a broom made ​​of nylon because ordinary broom is too coarse. Here are tips if you are using bamboo flooring:

1. Do not use the right shoe on the bamboo floor.

2. Do not let cats or other pets scratching the floor.

3. Avoid cleaning fluids that can cause damage or slippery floors.

4. When moving heavy furniture, do not be dragged, but appointed, and

5. Do not use hard brush to clean.

The use of bamboo is also considered more environmentally friendly than wood. Bamboo has the ability to grow that fast, a species can grow 60 centimeters in one day. Compare with wood that needs time to grow much longer. Hopefully useful for you.