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Choosing Furniture for Small Kitchen

Of experience and a variety of sources that I can, choose furniture and decorate a small kitchen is not easy. We must be careful that not one in decorating a small kitchen, so it looks beautiful and clean. Finding furniture that can be placed in a narrow space is strongly recommended, if the kitchen was a bit cramped. You definitely want to buy furniture for small kitchen according to room size, and gives you enough room to walk. Bench or corner chair (seat angle) allows you to use an empty corner to sit. You can even take the place of the kitchen chairs when placed square kitchen table in the middle of the benches.

A left-luggage office at the corner of the kitchen gives you a wider cabinet space and does not take up too much space.

Save space can even be done by installing a kitchen bar contrast with refrigerator and cabinets, then you just add three or four bar stools. Guests who attend will surely enjoy your modern kitchen furniture, because they can help the homeowner with a meal and chat while cooking for example.

Find the a portable kitchen furniture that you can move when needed. A small space requires flexibility, and a small kitchen furniture will be quite flexible and lightweight for easy moved and storage your stuff. Finding for a versatile kitchen cart later you can store in the pantry when it is no longer used, or you can buy a modern kitchen furniture, such as a high bistro tables, which can be pushed to the wall or into the corner for the extra space.

In addition to furniture that has been mentioned above, folding chairs and a small bar stool can also save your kitchen space.

Below I give some furniture design  for small kitchen and safely organize your small kitchen..

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