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Matakana Bach House by Pacific Environments Architecture

If you want to have a house on the beach, try to design a house like this. House for a holiday along with the people you love with a spectacular view overlooking the cape off. This is a vacation home concept designed by Pacific Environments Architecture located in Matakana, New Zeland. Although only 3 images displayed by the architect, but I’m sure you can guess the interior design of this house.

Description from the architects :

The Matakana Bach is located on a prominent headland location that offers unsurpassed gulf and harbour views to Kawau Island and beyond. The brief was to design a contemporary and minimal bach (small weekend or vacation house) for weekend use that took advantage of the extensive views and provided a backdrop for a relaxed lifestyle. The result was 2 pavilions (living and sleeping) constructed from concrete, steel and glass.

Visitors navigate through the Pohutakawa grove, past water features and over stepping stones to arrive at the front door and entry foyer which leads into the communal area of the ‘Sleeping’ pavilion. This pavilion concept is based around ‘tent’s and a ‘campfire’ with the bedrooms opening up to a sunken communal space with fireplace. Large sliding doors open this space to the grassed lawn. The 3m stud ‘Living’ pavilion includes kitchen, office and lounge areas that flow onto large deck and a bbq and rockery spa pool area covered by a large cantilevered roof punctured with circular apertures. Large sliding double glazed doors open the living pavilion to connect with the stunning environment.

Tips and Idea

Use Bamboo Flooring, Exotic and Environmentally Friendly

Exotic and friendly environment. That’s the thing that obtained by using bamboo as a material for the floor at home. Typical texture of bamboo to make floor becomes unique. Color choices were varied to match other interior colors  and bamboo of flooringit is always fresh. In addition, the installation of bamboo flooring is similar to the installation of flooring materials that are commonly used, such as wood. The cost is also relatively affordable and do not need any special treatment.

Bamboo can survive within four to six years. Bamboo is more resistant damp because the pores shut. Termites are also less like bamboo. In addition, bamboo flooring harder than most wood. Hardness can resist pressures up to 2 tons. Maintenance is not much different from the floor in general. Only, from the bamboo flooring should be swept using a broom made ​​of nylon because ordinary broom is too coarse. Here are tips if you are using bamboo flooring:

1. Do not use the right shoe on the bamboo floor.

2. Do not let cats or other pets scratching the floor.

3. Avoid cleaning fluids that can cause damage or slippery floors.

4. When moving heavy furniture, do not be dragged, but appointed, and

5. Do not use hard brush to clean.

The use of bamboo is also considered more environmentally friendly than wood. Bamboo has the ability to grow that fast, a species can grow 60 centimeters in one day. Compare with wood that needs time to grow much longer. Hopefully useful for you.

Tips and Idea

Richardson Street House in Melbourne, Australia by Steve Domoney Architecture

contemporary house design located in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Richardson Street House, designed by Steve Domoney Architecture. This two-story house with a contemporary design and has a swimming pool located in front of the house. The size of this house is not very large, with a narrow yard. With a large glass window, so it will clearly visible perfectly living room interior design.urban house

Area of open space kitchen, connected with views of the swimming pool and a beautiful rear garden. Good lighting will look special at night, the house retained its Victorian character in the entire front, which is modern and different to the rear, giving the central atrium of the existing punctuation mark to the new.

Here’s description from the architect:

The single storey, double fronted Victorian terrace which faces the street belies what is to unfold beyond. There are no clues from the street yet once inside the entry passage opens to a two storey atrium allowing light to flood into the buildings interior, from here the ground level opens to a contemporary living, dining and kitchen area that opens to the rear garden.

A lap pool links the house to the garden, running past the lounge and extending to the garaging and studio to the rear of the lot. Bedrooms and retreat space to the new second level are connected to a roof terrace that has been concealed within the apex of the existing roof, this affording a view towards the city skyline. The house retains Victorian character throughout the existing front section and is distinctly modern towards the rear, the central atrium providing the punctuation mark from existing to the new.

Tips and Idea

Casa V in Mexico City by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Stand firm in a contemporary house style, consists of three main parts of the building with 2 floors. The house is named Casa V by the architect, Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos. Located in the city of Mexico and is a perfect residence for those of you who want a house with a contemporary style. The importance of natural light to illuminate the entire interior entry is the main aim of the designer in the design of this contemporary house. One of them is the use of large glass windows with a size placed at the front of the house. Furniture with a good layout and decorate the glass floor to the door.

Let us refer to the description from the architect:

The location in the lot and design of this house was defined by the importance of natural light in the project. The facades were located according to the movement of light and shadows to help enhance the interior design. The interior are exterior spaces of the house are integrated by the nature elements. All the construction was done in exposed concrete and wood to assure the low maintenance requirements as well as the adequate aging of the space with the natural patina that will acquire with time.

Tips and Idea

Choosing Furniture for Small Kitchen

Of experience and a variety of sources that I can, choose furniture and decorate a small kitchen is not easy. We must be careful that not one in decorating a small kitchen, so it looks beautiful and clean. Finding furniture that can be placed in a narrow space is strongly recommended, if the kitchen was a bit cramped. You definitely want to buy furniture for small kitchen according to room size, and gives you enough room to walk. Bench or corner chair (seat angle) allows you to use an empty corner to sit. You can even take the place of the kitchen chairs when placed square kitchen table in the middle of the benches.

A left-luggage office at the corner of the kitchen gives you a wider cabinet space and does not take up too much space.

Save space can even be done by installing a kitchen bar contrast with refrigerator and cabinets, then you just add three or four bar stools. Guests who attend will surely enjoy your modern kitchen furniture, because they can help the homeowner with a meal and chat while cooking for example.

Find the a portable kitchen furniture that you can move when needed. A small space requires flexibility, and a small kitchen furniture will be quite flexible and lightweight for easy moved and storage your stuff. Finding for a versatile kitchen cart later you can store in the pantry when it is no longer used, or you can buy a modern kitchen furniture, such as a high bistro tables, which can be pushed to the wall or into the corner for the extra space.

In addition to furniture that has been mentioned above, folding chairs and a small bar stool can also save your kitchen space.

Below I give some furniture design  for small kitchen and safely organize your small kitchen..

Tips and Idea

Two Important Aspects to Healthy House

In addition to the beauty, health is also an important aspect to consider in building a house. A healthy house meet several criteria, including good air circulation, the room has enough natural light, the room layout that facilitates the movement of residents to move, until the availability of field greens.

Here I will share tips on healthy house arrangement, with an emphasis on natural lighting and air circulation:

The lighting

The lighting in the room should be derived from sunlight-healthy addition to energy saving. To that end, every room should have a window glass that is connected to the outside of the house.

Determination of the extent and location of the window, must be adapted to the direction of the sun. Direct sunlight from the west will make the room very hot. Use the window canopy to shade windows from direct sunlight and keep the window from splashing water when it rains.

If one room is not possible to install windows, you can use other elements, such as voids, skylight (glass tile roofs), or the use of Polycarbonate material on the roof of the garage. The use of partition walls made of glass (glass block) can also help lighting, as well as ornaments.

Air circulation

The room adjacent to the outer wall of the house can use the vents for air flow, while for a room that position in the middle of the building can use the catcher channel the wind.

In addition to conventional forms of windows, you can also create a window bouvenlicht. This window consists of two separate glass blades that have a gap between them, which allows the exchange of air. Bouvenlicht generally installed in the bathroom.

In addition, the vents are shaped holes of the wind with a horizontal arrangement on the wall. Methods to make ventilation holes also vary by making a hole walls, wood frame with horizontal lattice direction, or use the tap of concrete, metal, aluminum or wood.

Best system for designing natural air circulation is cross ventilation (cross ventilation). In this system, air circulation is arranged in such a way to be able to flow from one point to point air vent air ventilation other, and vice versa. With the difference in pressure inside and outside the building, then the flow of air is not trapped in the house, so the house free from the stuffy and hot.

Very easy is right.? make your house a healthy house for family shelter.