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Casa V in Mexico City by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Stand firm in a contemporary house style, consists of three main parts of the building with 2 floors. The house is named Casa V by the architect, Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos. Located in the city of Mexico and is a perfect residence for those of you who want a house with a contemporary style. The importance of natural light to illuminate the entire interior entry is the main aim of the designer in the design of this contemporary house. One of them is the use of large glass windows with a size placed at the front of the house. Furniture with a good layout and decorate the glass floor to the door.

Let us refer to the description from the architect:

The location in the lot and design of this house was defined by the importance of natural light in the project. The facades were located according to the movement of light and shadows to help enhance the interior design. The interior are exterior spaces of the house are integrated by the nature elements. All the construction was done in exposed concrete and wood to assure the low maintenance requirements as well as the adequate aging of the space with the natural patina that will acquire with time.

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